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Really Brief Con Report

I just caught up on LJ and comments. I'm glad you are enjoying my updates on the goings on here. My intention is to have really detailed reports up next weekend while everything is relatively fresh in my mind. Maybe I'lll start writing something up on the train ride home Tuesday.

And, yes, there will be pictures. I took more than I expected and I *think* there are some good ones. I've already been told I have to post the one of Christain taking a swig of his beer (at todays Q&A I might add) - apparently I got a very good shot of his arm. ;)

So today was the final day of the Con. All we had to do is attend the Q&A's. But, first, I met up with the lovely lollobrigida who informed me that the Con had added a photo op with David and Christian for the low, low price of $125. No, that is not a typo. Apparently others weren't as dumbstruck as I and were whipping out their credit cards. (writteninstars even flirted briefly with the idea until I slapped some sense into her :p)

Of course, in the effort to make a buck, the Con, which had run very smoothly up to this point, now went off schedule. The plus side of this being they added a Q&A with Stephanie Romanov who I'm now a little bit in love with. And how cool is this woman? Wis and I walked past her in line at the food court waiting to pay for her lunch.

I'll post details about the Q&A's later. I will say that Christian had obviously not recovered from the previous nights drinking (though, we saw pics from the morning photo ops and the boy still looked amazing) and he felt it necessary to bring that damn cousin of his to the Q&A. Brandon actually sat up on stage with Christian, David, And Stephanie!

I just ignored the leach and concentrated on the other three who were a hoot. It's funny to see even them make jokes about Lindsey's evil hand. :)

Off to bed. I miss you all!

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