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Part Deux of My Con Report

We started off Saturday by checking out one of the panel discussions. Jonesie had the forethought to ask if the 'Future of Spike' would include spoilers. When one of the staff said he didn't know for sure and coupled with it was run by BAPS, we opted to skip it. Later, we found out they posted a sign stating the discussion would contain talk of spoilers.

We next went to the dealers room which was much smaller than expected. We actually had to wait in a line (a short one) to get in. I can't really fault them for doing this since it meant the room was not congested and we didn't have to worry about bumping into people. Ironically, my big find at a Buffy Con was an X2 lunchbox which I quickly snapped up. I also bought some trading cards, postcards, magnets, and ended up going back for a DVD Cindy discovered. It includes OMWF, Hush, and the unaired pilot. I haven't had a chance to watch it yet. I hope the quality is decent.

After the dealers room we went to stand in line for autographs with Tom and my future husband, George. ;) I decided to skip Iyari's. Now, this line was huge. I thought it would take hours to get to the front but it went much faster then expected and only took us about an hour. This was good because George had photo op's at 1:30 and it was almost 1:15. Once we got into the room we were asked if we were there for any autographs other than Tom's and when I said George I was ushered over to his table.

Have to admit I was a bit shocked when he immediatley said "Nice to see you again". I really didn't think these guys would remember meeting people from the night before. As I was juggling my merchendise to set down on the table he commented on my digital camera, how everyone seems to have one, and that he should look into getting one. I explained I had gotten it just for the convention and it seemed to be working out well. I then selected the picture of him I wanted sign - two were of him, two of him as Adam. Why anyone would want a picture of him covered under all that latex is beyond me. I seemed to choose the most popular pic of him - dark shirt, huge smile on his face.

Unlike the others, he did personalize photos and checked he made sure he had the correct spelling of my name. I thanked him and before I left mentioned how shocked we were to see him unmasked in Restless and it was a pity he was under all that makeup all season. He seemed a bit embarrased by this...very sweet.

Now, we weren't allowed to take photos with the guests, but I noticed people taking them as they exoted the room. I took three shots of him at the table. I noticed on the second one he caught me in the act and smiled at me. Unfortunately, the pic is a bit blurred but I'm still keeping it. :)

I didn't say much to Tom other than it was OK for him to write whatever he wanted. Crystal and I got the same autograph which would be a theme for us. I'll get to that later.

As for the Q&A's....I really wish I remembered more of George's. Problem was I had two questions in mind to ask him and both were taken right away. After scrambling to think of something it finally came to me and he luckily called on me. Of course, the girl behind me thinks he called on her, the hussy.:p Meanwhile I had grabbed the microphone from the staff member who was heading towards me and hung on to it in the hopes he come back to me. And he did! Now, I don't recall this, but three people have told me that he said "Hey you" like he recognized me - I'll choose to believe them. My question was essentially "Do you prefer quirkier characters like Adam or do you prefer doing comedy or drama?" All I recall is that he enjoys it all but he would like to do more comedy given the opportunity.

Iyari was a bundle of energy on stage. I liked how she dealt with the criticism of the Willow/Kennedy relationship. She explained how evreyone wanted Willow with Xander and hated Oz for getting in the way. Then when Oz was gone they hated Tara because they wanted Oz back. Now, it's her turn to be hated. Considering I didn't like Tara until late into season 5, perhaps we could have grown to like Kennedy had the show lasted another season. (Please don't throw stones at me for saying that.)

She also went into quite a detailed explaination of how she got into acting and how her parents disapproved of her choice of career. Apparently, it caused a lot of problems but things are "better now". Too much information Iyari - she'll need to learn to keep her private life private if she continues to do Cons.

If not as fun, Mark Metcalf was a good speaker. I loved his story about discovering he was to kill Buffy in season 1. It struck him as odd he would be killing the star of the show, but he quickly had aspirations of assuming the lead himself and renaming the show The Slayer of Buffy the Vampire Slayer or something. :)

Tom and Danny were a hoot as everyone has mentioned. It was entertaining watching them 'argue' on stage. Oh, and I can't recall if it was Saturday and Sunday, but Tom's discussion of spoilers was great. Fans informed him while signing autographs that the script was online, they had read it, and proceeded to tell him what happens. Basically he tried to tell people they didn't have it right and that "I know, I was there". He seemed sincere and a bit annoyed - and I don't think he was BSing people to put them off track.

And Danny seemed a bit upset that he was never informed by ME that he was being killed off. Actually, he didn't even know after reading the script. Apparently, he only reads his dialogue and not descriptions or stage directions. Tom had to keep telling him to "read the next paragraph". Then there was a discussion of why Jonathon had to die and not Andrew. Danny seemed to think it should have been Andrew. :)

Now, the concert....much better then expected. I had very low expectations going in - I had heard the album. But, I quickly discovered they are a good live band and the crowd really seemed to be into it. Dangerous and Angel were the two cuts from the album I initially enjoyed and enjoyed even more live. Almost all the songs sounded better live, perhaps with the exception, I believe it's 'Call 911'. James hit some clunkers during that one. I'll admit James' voice is OK at best, but he looked to be having a Hell of a good time up there. If he can only find his range, stick to it, and maybe get some professional training, maybe they can make a decent go of it.

I think that about covers Saturday except we had some really good ice cream at the restaurant around the corner. I'll get to Sunday as soon as I can.

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