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In lieu of posting about Angel cause I can't yet :(, I was going to post my first Con report. But, I'm just too damn tired. Too little sleep and too much Advil. Not to mention those #$?%*&! people I work with have spent the past two days sticking knives in my back. On the bright side, my boss apparently knows they are lying and can't understand why they are wasting his time.

So, tonight, I vegged on the couch and watched several shows I recorded while I was away. Watching last weeks Enterprise and this weeks it dawned on me that the show has actually gotten better in the home stretch. I'll even go so far as to say interesting with some damn good FX/action sequences and *gasp* character development. Maybe it was good that it got renewed for a forth season. I'll need Trip to compensate for my lack of Spike and Lindsey. ;)

I also flipped through the latest (I think - I'm catching up on my mail) Entertainment Weekly. Two bits of info you may all be interested in...There is a two page interview with Joss regarding the end of Angel as well as his other shows. Nothing really new, but worth a look.

And a very interesting tidbit on Alias. If anyone saw spoilers a while back regarding a difficult decision Syd was to have to make in the finale, well, forget what you read. JJ scrapped the original script when it didn't cover a number of things he wanted to see and started over from scratch. In doing so the focus of the ep and the ending have changed. Now I'm hoping that the original script will get leaked so we can all make a comparison.

Oh, and Steve DeKnight has apparently joined the writing staff of Smallville. Is anyone from Angel out of work?

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