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Excellent reveiw of the finale - spoilers galore of course....

First off, I don't agree that they "probably" did not survive the battle. Joss is evil and loves to torture us, but I really don't believe he wants us to assume he killed off the entire cast. After all, how many times have these guys returned from worse and from the dead? Plus, as far as I'm concenred, that Shanshu thing is still out there.

And then there is this:

"Angel recruited Lindsey to join the team for this battle with no intention of allowing him to survive the night. Angel does not believe that Lindsey is redeemable – to Angel, he is part of the problem. Lindsey’s character has been far from consistent this season, not to mention being nowhere near being the character who drove away in his pick-up truck in DEAD END. His Angel-ordered death at the hands of Lorne was a shock to him and to us: him, because he always believed that he would die at Angel’s hands, and us, because this was a double-cross that was difficult to see coming because of the puzzlement surrounding the character’s development this season. When I watched the episode for a second time, the conversation between Angel and Lindsey – reportedly penned by Joss Whedon – completely changed meaning as the intent behind the words was known. If Lindsey truly did aspire to be a member of the Circle of the Black Thorn for some reason, then Angel’s decision is understandable."

Maybe the character inconsistancy is my issue with Lindsey's death. The Lindsey we knew in season's one and two was a man driven to succeed at *almost* any cost. He had his limits on what he would do, was willing to betray his employers, and showed hope that he could rise above his past and, if not be a good guy, not be part of the problem either.

Because I never viewed Lindsey as 'evil', merely self-serving, I had a hard time accepting the supposed reasoning behind his return this season. He walked away from W&H with a warning to Angel not to play their game, yet he returns to become one of their right hands here on earth? It makes no sense to me. As well as the fact that it was he who warned Angel that he was in the midst of the next apocolypse. Wouldn't it have been easier to destroy him and gain power by NOT doing that?

Had there been a more consistantly (and clearly) written Lindsey I may better buy Angel's reasoning. I'm not angry that Lindsey died and I even think he had a great (i.e. painful and disturbing) death scene. And I don't feel it would have been fitting to see him fight along side the others at the end going out in a blaze of glory. It's just for Lindsey, Angel, and Lorne, it all feels a bit off to me somehow. Maybe when I watch the episode again I'll have a better handle on it.
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