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I think I shall call this Minorit y Report

Because I appear to be in the minority on Alias this evening.

Was it a great season finale? No. But, I found it pretty entertaining. In my opinion, JJ scrapped the original season finale and rewrote it to try to clean up some of the messes from this season and lay the groundwork for next. Out with Lauren, in with Nadia. :)

OK, Lauren was shot six times and fell down a well. Am I the only one that thinks she'll show up again next season? A long as she's not a regular, I'm fine with it.

Blowing up CIA headquarters? Pretty cool. And the masks were a nice 'tribute' to Mission: Impossible.

I loved Dark Vaughn and the fact that MV finally had some meaty material to work with. He gives good seething. :)

Um, but how was he rescued after being stabbed in the back? Did he call for help?

Keep in mind, I'm a shipper, so YAY! to the kissing. Granted, it was a bit odd to be doing it with a dead body in the background, but I'll take what I can get. And I loved hearing Syd call him Michael for a change. Yes, I'm a big old sap, I admit it.

Katya is the traitor? That may have been a shocking twist if her character had been more clearly defined this season.

I was expecting to see some big Rambaldi revelation and we got nothing in regards to that. Or maybe we did and we just don't know it yet. After all, what the hell does Jack not want Syd to know? I'm guessing both she and Nadia are engineered, but for what purpose and for whom? Could Jack be part of the Rambaldi group? Or Covenant? And why did Lauren want to make sure Syd knew the truth? I'm intrigued at the possibilities.

Sark was covered in sexy wounds! And, once again is in CIA custody. Sweetie, if you can't beat them, I say join them. At this point that would be his safest bet. Every evil organization in the world must know by now that he'll sell them out if it means saving his own skin.

Overall I found this season to be OK, but a letdown over the past two. JJ taking a renewed interest, plus the addition of Jeff Bell and Drew Goddard to the staff give me high hopes for next season. And they brought up Irina, should I take that as a sign we may see her again?

Earlier this evening I was watching 'Dead End' because I'm working on a theory regarding you know what happening to you know who. Anyway, seeing David, Stephanie, and Christian together triggered a few more (brief - really) Con stories I thought you all might be interesed in.

Someone asked David if it was true he got discovered for the part of Angel while walking his dog. Yes, it's true. His now manager (who's gay) was out trolling for guys. Apparently, he tried to pick up David who quickly informed him he wasn't gay. Still, he knew of a role he though David might be good for so he gave him his card and told him to give him a call - the rest is history.

Funny story that I can't really do justice to regarding how David and Christian met. Both been invited to a rerelease party for Dirty Dancing. David was already in his seat for the screening when some guy in a very large, black cowboy hat came in and sat in front of him and did not take it off. His reaction was along the 'you've got to be kidding me' line. He informed the guy (if you haven't already guessed - it's Christian) to remove it or else go outside and get back on the horse he rode in on. :-)

Oh, and there's no way I can really describe this, but someone asked David to get up and do the 'Angel dance' which he refused to do, but then proceeded to do a bit of it while in his seat. It was very cute.

That's it for now, if I recall anything else, I'll post it.

Hey, anyone else here Jane Espenson will be writing for Tru Calling next season? Damn, I may have to watch that show now...

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