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First off, it seems I've missed extending some birthday wishes do to my sucky schedule the past couple weeks. Bad Asta. So, belatedly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! to anodyna and treacle_a. I hope you both had resplendent (see, I hauled out the big vocab words for you ;) days. :)

Courtesy of _jems_, I came to find out that Wonderfalls may be making it's way to DVD. Woo and Hoo! I actually wasn't heartbroken by the cancellation, but I would like to see Tim's vision in it's entirety. For more info, look at the Save Wonderfalls website.

Oh, and I think a few of you may be interested in some high quality photos from James' gig in London last week. ;) They can be found Here. There's even one picture of him reading a thong. Yeah, you read that right, you have to see it for yourself.

And, finally, some brief thoughts on this weeks

I'm still having some issues with storylines on the show. In converting what were originally two part episodes in the British version or condensing storylines that ran throughout the season, the episodes are coming off as choppy and a bit non-sensicle. Did we even get an explanation as to why the killer was killing? Other than he's nuts?

But, what makes up for the plotholes for me is the characters. I really do love *all* these individuals. I was thrilled to get some backstory on Rivers. And I like the fact that while he's essentially a good guy, trying to do his job as best he can, he still has a magnificent ability to say and do really stupid things. Like his 'apology' to Branca. But, then he'll turn around and try to spare Creegan from having to interrogate Cyril.

Damn if my shippy heart didn't start racing during the scene between Creegan and Branca in the bar. I love how they are building the trust between these two. Granted, she had some alcohol in her, but I don't think that's why she confessed her fears regarding her job consuming her.

Then there was the touching. Really, I think he just kept talking so she wouldn't move her hand. ;)

Favorite line: "Knock it off with the cock fight". Yes, I can be incredibly immature. :p

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