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My Fianl Con Report

Now for my final Con report....

Sunday we arrived early to get in line for Danny and Mark's autographs. We decided to skip attempting to get them on Saturday when we saw the length of the line then (it actually went through the restaurant at one point).

Sunday's line was considerably shorter. One of the Con staff gave us very strick guidelines to follow - 15 seconds max with the guests, don't get into a long conversation or they would pull you out of the room. Granted, they could have been nicer about it, but after problems I heard about with Saturdays autograph session, I think they wanted to guarantee everyone got their autograph.

When we got into the room I immediately felt kinda bad for Tom. Originally he was to sign autographs downstairs but they moved him upstairs with Danny and Mark. Unfortunately, in doing so, they put him at a small table just as you came in the door. Danny and Mark were at much larger, raised tables. It gave the impression of Tom being stuck at the kiddie table during the big Thanksgiving meal.

I didn't chat much with either Mark or Danny. Wis was ahead of me in line and, as she mentioned, Danny commented on how 'dirty' Tom is then gave us matching autographs telling us so. :)

After the autographs we went back down to the dealers rooms where Lynn, Jonesie, and I purchased some trading cards that we finally had time to go through. We followed that up with lunch while Cindy and Sandy staked out the lobby waiting for James autograph line to form.

I think we waited about an hour or so to finally get to meet James. I was pretty nervous waiting in line. Not really nervous about meeting him, but nervous presenting the picture I had drawn of him to be autographed. What would the artist's subject think of the work?

I know this is blasphemy, but once I was in thr room and looking at him I was completely calm. He no longer seemed like a celebrity, but just a guy sitting their chatting. When it was my turn in line I immediately put out my hand for a handshake (very soft hands which surprised me for some reason) and said "Nice to meet you". I then placed my drawing in front of him to sign. He seemed pretty impressed and complimented me on my work. Now here's the part where I tell James "No!" (Yes, I snapped at James). I had intentially left a blank spot for him to sign but, instead, he went to sign on the drawing itself. Well, I'd have none of that so I immediately told him "No - please sign over there". He jumped a bit in his seat, apparently mumbled something about 'tempremental artists', then mentioned he hoped he didn't ruin anything. After signing, he asked me if I was a professional artist, to which I replied I had a fine arts degree but worked in accounting. His response - "Well, isn't that just the way of the world" and he smiled. I then said thank you and departed.

A short time later after collecting ourselves we got on the bus to head over to the Q&A's. Tom and Danny came out separately then together and were just as funny as the previous night. I do remember one thing that has not been mentioned...Danny was asked how he felt when 'Earshot' was pulled after the real life high school shooting that occured before it was to air. I know fans at the time were dissapointed with the WB's decision, but he strongly supported it feeling it would have been completely inappropriate for them to air it so close to the tragedy.

Now for the man of the evening, James. He was adorable and funny and surprisingly honest. Other than the priceless expression he had on his face when a toddler hollered out "Hi Spike", two points he made about the show stood out in my mind.

First, he addressed the return of the duster. He apparently was against bringing it back but then grew to understand the decision. By reclaiming the duster, Spike was seeking out the "source of his power" but that didn't mean he was again turning evil. Once he got that, he didn't have a problem with it. Plus, it improved his wardrobe - no more silly shirts. :)

The other thing he mentioned that I quite liked (and I believe this was in response to a woman who stated how much she loved season 6) had to do with the sex and violence of last season and, specifically, the AR. Now, some may think he's just reiterating the party line about how it was all necessary, but he seemed way too passionate saying it was the right thing to do for me to believe that. Again, he stated that Spike was evil, the relationship was bad for Buffy, and that it was setting a horrible example for Dawn. He even seemed disgusted with Buffy allowing Dawn to form such a close relationship with Spike. He stated (sincerely) he supported Marti's decisions completely.

Unfortunately, no questions were asked about this season. I wanted to ask him how he feels about Spike now, but didn't feel like trying to crawl over people to get to the mike.

I may think of more odds and ends later, but that's it for now. Still trying to get pictures up for you all to see (much to my surprise and delight they actually came out well). Unfortunately, with a dial up connection, it may take me awhile.

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