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The Girl In Question

No, not THAT girl, but a far more special one. Since last night I've been trying to come up with some clever way of wishing writteninstars a most HAPPY BRITHDAY! And while I could take this opportunity to list her many fine qualities as well a couple of embarrassing stories ;), it dawned on me to share the reason she is truly special to me.

Round about two and a half years ago, I was quite new to this whole internet thing. I was one of those people who would read stories of friendships forged online and finding it all very hard to believe. How could you truly be close to someone you've never met? Well, my little WIS certianly changed my preconceived notions on that.

While on a certain Spike-centric board that shall remain nameless, I decided to post in the OT section if there were perchance any Alias fans around. (At the time, I new no one in RL to talk with about the show and was desperately looking for someone to share my enthusiasm with). A few people replied to my post, but only WIS PM'd me...and kept PMing. That eventually led to an exchange of very lengthy e-mails, phone calls and IM's where we came to realize we share the same brain. Finally we met face to face last year. The weird thing about meeting? Not weird at all, we fell immediately into our natural patterns with each other.

She's also the one who dragged me kicking and screaming into my first chat room. And encouraged me to try out this thing called LJ. And without her intorducing me to those new fangelled things, I would have missed out on knowing the amazing people I know today - many of which I call 'friend' in the truest sense of the word. So, yeah, I'm very thankful that, um, some years ago ;), we were blessed with Ms WIS' arrival. I know my life would be a lot more empty without her presence in it. Happy Birthday Sweetie, may we have many more together. :)

And in honor of your day, an Angel icon!

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