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Look At My Pretty New Icon

It's courtesy of lollobrigida. :-) Isn't she the sweetest thing. And it's mine, all mine! If only I can say the same for the man in it....

So, some random thoughts on tonights TV viewing...

American Idol....Woo and Hoo.

Enterprise.....OK, I did not see *that* coming and am now left very confused. At least my ship seems to be on course. ;)

I also watched 'Not Fade Away' again tonight. Why is it when I try not to think, I still can't help contemplating it all? My mind is swimming with new questions, new interpretations, all the while trying to see how this fits with the season (and series) as a whole. And how do I find time to rewatch the season when my Buffy season 6 DVD's just showed up today? Well, sadly, I suppose I have all the time in the world now to revist my shows and formulate my theories.

As I stated earlier, I don't believe Angel, Spike, Illyria, and Gunn died (I could say the same for Lindsey, but that's my personal fanwank ;) at the end. And Hamilton's blood ("it's always blood") is the key. Hamilton had to make with the speechifying and state how indestructable he was with the blood of the Wolf, Ram, and Hart running through him. Once Angel takes that blood he remarks how he can feel the power coursing through him and then, relatively easily, kills Hamilton.

So, here's the thing, when Angel faces W&H's forces, he still has that power within him. My theory is either he uses this super strength, as well as the back up by some pretty powerful and resourceful folks in their own right, to destroy and/or drive back their enemy. Or, what if sensing that Angel has the blood of the SP's running through him, the horde just backs off? That may seem anti-climatic, but I wouldn't put it past Joss.
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