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Finally I am at the end of a truly craptacular work week. I'l spare you all the details because, frankly, I'm trying to forget as much of it as possible.

As for some positive news...I had a marvelous chat last night with my old (not literally ;) chat buddies. It's been ages since so many of us have been able to meet up online and it was such a treat. Hopefully we can somehow manage to gather all us time zone/family obligation/work schedule challenged individuals again very soon. :)

Strangely I've seen no kerfuffling today over news that SMG will be at the San Diego Comic Con to publicize her film, The Grudge. Of course, I don't know of any Sarah haters on my Flist so that's probably how I'm avoiding a headache right now. ;p

And since I haven't pimped anyone in awhile, may I direct you to fer1213's LJ. She posted her fanwank ;) on 'Doublemeat Palace' but a terrific discussion ensued on season 6 in regards to the Spike/Buffy relationship. I highly recommend you all take a look.

This weekend I finally hope to take a look at my season 6 DVD's. I'm trying to be in the right frame of mind when watching them. Earlier I caught the end of 'Entropy' on FX and wanted to slap Xander. :p
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