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Color Me Confused

So, I just finished watching 'Dead Things' and by the end of the episode I was left wondering, what was the big deal about the sex? Now, before any of you go "What?! Are you insane???" Well, yes, but that's a discussion for another day. My point is why did ME, through Buffy, make the sex seem so wrong?

In 'Wrecked' we had Buffy describe her building crumbling night with Spike as the most "perverse, degrading" experience of her life. At the beginning of 'Dead Things' we have Spike's refering to Buffy as an "animal" following up with "But, you like what I do to you." This sentiment of liking what he does is echoed at the end to Tara when Buffy questions why she keeps "letting him do such those things to me".

What are these horrible things that leave her disgusted with herself??? Maybe it's me, but I don't call some rough sex (and consider we are talking vampire and Slayer here) and a little bondage all that shocking. Is ME's view of 'perversion' different then ours? After all, they sucked us into obsessing over a show about vampires, demons, and the Slayer that's protecting the world from them. I think we're a fairly open minded lot here.

Maybe like Willow's magic addiction storyline, it was ME trying to make things too simple and too literal to get a message across. It was Buffy's feelings for Spike that I felt were far more troublesome for her than the sex. I just wish that had been made more clear in Buffy's confession to Tara than letting sex with Spike = bad be such an issue.

And please don't feel that my mini rant is a sign of me changing my opinion of this episode (love it) or the season. Actually, rewatching I'm finding myself enjoying the season overall more than I did when it originally aired. Heck, when I was watching 'Doubelmeat Palace' I found myself enjoying it (except for the penis monster which is inexcusable).
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