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What is a GPP you ask? Gratuitous Pimping Post! Hey, don't look at me that way, it's late! I'm tired! :p

Anyway, I'd first like to point you in the direction of when_it_rained's new community c_kanedaily. It might not be the hopping place that marsters_daily is, yet, but help support pretty pictures of my tiny Texan. :)

lollobrigida has created a new, well, technically revamped, Alias icon community, frosted_pie. It's a challange community a la icon_spark. All you talented icon makers should go there and contribute. There's not enough Alias icons in the world!

I saw via whedonesque that J August Richards has just been comfirmed to appear at the Tampa Con replacing Nick Brendon who had to drop out. (No, I'm not going to draw any conclusions as to why.) J joins Emma, Christian, George, and Mark Lutz as well as others. Sigh. With so much prettiness I'm starting to wish I was going to be there. Plus, Christian will be performing with Steve Carlson. :(

And I know some of you are aware that dailies for various episodes of Buffy are up for sale on eBay. The ones for 'Dead Things' are currently up for bid. With two days left the price stands at $56.50. I'm really hoping the price skyrockets just so I'm not tempted. I heard the ones for 'Wrecked' were going for as high as $100. I'll just keep convincing myself that new laptop I want is more important than outakes of spuffy sex. It is, right?

Finally, a thanks to all of you who commented on my recent post. I really didn't expect my sleepy, not really well thought out ramblings to get such good discussion going. :)

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