The First Evil (asta77) wrote,
The First Evil

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So, I managed to get through the first ten minutes of 'As You Were' before I had to cease watching it. Before you jump to any conclusions as to what I mean by that let me add that it was 10:00, Las Vegas was starting, and I'll take Josh Duhamel over Marc Blucas any day of the week.

But, from what I did watch, essentially a montage of how craptacular Buffy's life has become, I think I may actually be able to view this ep in a different light - due in large part jonesiexxx's marvelous analysis the other day. I'm not saying AYW is going to suddenly become great in my eyes, but I'd just like it to become viewable for me.

OK, off to attempt to watch more of it. I hit stop just as Riley made his appearance. Now, I get to watch the fun begin. :p
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