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It seems like forever since I last posted though it's only been a few days. I really have nothing interesting to report. I did finally manage to get through 'As You Were' this weekend and, I will admit, I can view the episode in a new and slightly improved light. Maybe I'll post on that tomorrow. Too late and too tired for deep analysis tonight. So.....

They stabbed Rivers! His brother just OD, haven't his parents been through enough???

He better pull through and this show better be renewed for a second season darn it. I'm loving these characters a little more each week. (Creegan and Rivers chemistry is beginning to rival that of Branca and Creegan. No, not in THAT way. :p)

And Bradley running flat out in a suit? Guh. I know people would love to see him back on Alias, but I want him to stay right where he is. Rivers has the potential to be much more fascinating than Will was.

So, the wife and kids are back. I guess I'm OK with this. I really hated to see Creegan suffer. Now, let's just keep them in the background and not make them an issue every week.

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