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Once in a while my experiments actually turn out

Last night, persuing the local grocery store (small, family owned - yes, they still do exist) I saw a rather large display for sweet home grown Michigan strawberries. I'm not normally a strawberry eater, but last year, around this time, I recall being at a party where there were some exceedingly good strawberries and a cream cheese concoction for dipping them in. I swear, I could have eaten the whole plate. So, for $1.99 a pound I thought I'd give them a try. Then proceeded to pick up some cream cheese to see if I could duplicate what I had last year.

At 11:00 last night I got my ingrediants together, if everything went as planned (rare for me) I could take it in to work for snacking purposes. So, I washed and I mixed and I blended and....SUCCESS! Not only were the strawberries themselves incredibly yummy, but my cream cheese concotion turned out pretty good as well. Hard to believe I'm liking something this much that doesn't have chocolate in it. And is relatively healthy. Though, I'm now having thoughts of doing a chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting and strawberries on top. I'll have to see how nice I want to be to my co-workers. ;)

I still have not finished season 6 of Buffy. My plan is to watch 'Grave' tonight and be done with it. Last night I was in too crappy of a mood to enjoy it. Thankfully, a chat with my buddies and a call from writteninstars perked me up. WIS and I did discuss the possibility of WriterCon, but it isn't looking doable. It sucks because there will be many wonderful people there we would love to meet.

Anyone else watching the show Blow Out? I didn't intend to watch, but it came on after Queer Eye and I managed to get sucked in. Actually, I just want to see if the loud mouth stylist and bitchy manicurist get canned. :p

Back to the Hellmoth (AKA work).
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Well, the concoction is nothing fancy. I took 8oz of cream cheese (softened) and blended that with about 2-3 tsps of vanilla and a little bit of milk. Then I slowly added about a cup and a half to two cups of powdered sugar. Basically, I make things to taste and don't bother with those fancy shmancy measuring thingees. ;)

Oh, and I must second how beau-ti-ful your icon is.
Okay, i made this today and it may not be fancy, but it was so very yummy. I'm not a chocolate fan and i was glad to have something with the strawberries that have been frequenting my grocery list.

And yep, the icon of beauty, courtesy of catatonic1242. With all my revamping of my icons, i could never ditch this one. It's just too lovely.
Yay! I'm glad you liked it. I am a huge chocolate fan, but even I like an alternative once in awhile. ;)

I know what you mean about not being able to ditch an icon you love. The one I'm using here by _jems_ I just can't seem to give up no matter how many new pretties come along. :)