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Oh What A Beautiful Day

No, I won't break out in song from Oklahoma. But, it was a beau-ti-ful day here today. We get about three or four of them a year. Usually in between the nine months of winter and three months of hot, humid summer. Today was sun, blue skies, gentle breezes, and sixty degree temperatures.

I spent most of the day with a friend. We started off by going to a local art fair. As usual, most of the stuff was overpriced crap. Just because people can paint doesn't mean they have any talent. We did see the work of a few talented individuals though. Sadly, there work wasn't really selling because they choose to do something unique rather than painting a vase full of flowers or, this being Michigan, a lighthouse. :p

After that we went for lunch at a place neither of us had been before and had some damn good deep dish pizza. They also had some killer looking tiramisu, but I was way to stuffed to have enjoyed any of it.

Then it was off to do do some shopping and see Dodgeball. OK, yes, the movie is a dumb as it looks. And, yes, there are some very tasteless jokes that made me cringe. Having said that let me also say it was damn funny. I can't recall the last time I laughed all the way through a film. At one point I was in tears.

There really are no mememorable lines or moments, but I give the actors credit for doing what they did with the material they had. Vince Vaughn is becoming a master of the dead pan expression. Alan Tudyk is probably the most entertaining pirate I've seen since Johnny Depp. ;) Stephen Root continues to crack me up (he plays a slightly more ballsy version of his character in Office Space. And Gary Cole and Jason Bateman are in it! I'm not sure if you all know of my love for Gary Cole. I've been a huge fan of this underrated actor since Midnight Caller was on back in the 80's. As for Jason, it's just nice seeing him have a career resurgence. And without giving too much away, how can you not love a movie that has cameos by Lance Armstrong, William Shatner, and Chuck Norris all within a two minute time span.

Actually, I thought the weakest part of the film was the star and writer - Ben Stiller. Sorry, but I'm bored now with seeing him play his same tired shtick over and over...and over. There aren't that many variations on dumb, self absorbed, obnoxious guys.

I rarely ever do meme's, but then cathyteach2 has never taken it upon herself to start one before. Besides, it might be fun to look back years from now and see how boring my life really was. ;)

Current Conditions:

Where are you? In my 'computer room'
What time is it? 9:30
What are you wearing? Two blue tank tops (hey, layering is in) and stone colored cargo pants.
Is the TV on? Yes, always.
What channel and show? TBS, A Knight's Tale (Sorry, WIS ;)
Other background noise? Leaves blowing in the breeze; cars passing by
State of mind? Unbalanced?
Weather? See above :)
What is in your direct line of sight? Um, my computer moniter. :p
Have you showered yet today? Yes
What are you most looking forward to today? Well, I was looking forward to going out, did that and it lived up to expectations
What are you most dreading today? Coloring my hair, though that may not happen until tomorrow now
Think fast! What movie immediately springs to your mind? Dodgeball!
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