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Another Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

OK, two gorgeous days in a row. I'm now convinced that storms or a heat wave are a coming.

I took advantage of the weather again today and went and sat by a nearby lake for a few hours. I read (don't die of shock folks) and people watched. I was entertained by a family consisting of mom, dad, a three year old boy and his twin sisters who looked just over a year old. The girls apparently have only recently learned to walk and seemed to enjoy taking a few steps then standing in place for as long as possible before falling on their butts. Yes, I'm easily amused.

After that I swung by the restaurant I was at yesterday and, as luck would have it, they had some tiramisu left so I picked up a piece. That plus the left over pizza I'm now heating up should make for a yummy dinner. And, after seeing Alan yesterday in Dodgeball and A Knight's Tale, I think I may pop in some Firefly.

Oh, I saw Shrek 2 this morning. I enjoyed it, though I liked the first film better. Puss in Boots was the best thing about the film. Antonio sounded as if he was having a ball in the role.
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