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Nekkid Spike, Tiny Texans, and Anthony Michael Hall....Intrigued?

I received a very pleasent surprise in the mail yesterday - the 'Wrecked' dailies. The surprise being that I had asked a kind soul for them a couple weeks back, but have not gotten around to sending out a check to cover their costs. Talk about someone having faith - they don't even know me! So, yes, I shall have to get a check out tomorrow.

I haven't had time to watch all the discs yet. I almost skipped over what was marked as the final cut of 'Wrecked' figuring I have it on DVD already. But, I decided to watch a bit of it and what do I find? Scenes and additional dialogue not in the broadcast version. When I have more time, I'll have a few thoughts on what was cut. (Yes, I'm now analyzing deleted scenes. :p)

It's quite fascinating seeing the various takes of the morning after scene. Ultimately, I think they went with the best balance of emotions. Some takes I've seen make one or both of them come off as too harsh and uncaring. Others, too emotionally fragile.

One thing that is just too cute and, unfortunately, would have undercut the tone of the scene takes place after Buffy's "God's gift" remark and Spike's "wouldn't be as interesting" response. As James/Spike gets in her face he leans all the way forward and rubs noses with her. I couldn't help but smile. That probably ties with Sarah jumping up after the kiss and literaly swooning as my favorite moments thus far.

For ketzel and others interested in the long delayed posting of my Con pics there's good news and bad news. The good news is I downloaded them to my computer last night. Following that I attempted to upload them to my photobucket account. Here's where the bad news comes in. It took about an hour and a half to successfully post ten pictures. I hadn't even gotten to the ones of Christian yet. :( So, at this rate, it probably won't be until next weekend that I have all that I want to share available for viewing. Stoopid dial-up connection.

Since I don't want to do a cut tag, let me just say that I thought tonight's The Dead Zone was one of the series best episodes. Who knew Anthony Michael Hall could have me in tears?

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