Asta 2

It's the end of the world as we know it....

...and I feel fine. Really.

A very satsifying ending to the show. I do thank God I know James career plans for next season though, or I'd be truly bummed.

I really like how Joss reaffirmed his theme of 'girl power' AND gave Buffy a happy ending. The latter I really didn't expect. But, with so many Slayers out there now, the weight of the world is no longer on Buffy's shoulders - she's free to be a real girl. :)

Does Buffy love Spike? Absolutely. Is she [i]in love with him[/i]?I'm not completely sure. Then again, I realized some time ago that looking at the show through Spuffy colored glasses wasn't the best idea. I think Spike and Buffy belong together, but that doesn't mean it's Joss' intent. Regardless, the two of them had a good ending. Both found a sort of peace and happiness. Spike did die a champion (which I'm sure will sit well with Angel ;) ). And they definitely were friends with a deep respect and affinity for each other.

Speaking of Angel, I liked him a lot in this episode, especially his barely disguised jealousy at discovering he's no longer special. DB hasn't been able to show off his comic gifts of late ("AHA! Boyfriend!" , "Captain Peroxide") and it was nice to see. As for his behaviour lacking continuity in regards to the events on Angel...well, maybe he's at peace with recent developments. Conner is better off - happy for the first time in his life - and Cordy is safe and being taken care of.

I loved the heavy doses of humor mixed in with the drama. We have Anya refering to the SIT's as "cannon fodder" and stating how she's [i]not[/i] insenitive. Then, a short time later, we see her not really unexpected but, shocking in execution, death. I give Joss a lot of credit for how he handles character death. No long, drawn out, melodramatic death scenes. As it is in real life, death is often quick with no goodbyes.

I actually liked Kennedy and Wood tonight. Kennedy had me after she refered to herself as a "brat". Wood after deflating Faith's ego. I actually started to feel sad when I thought he was dead.

I was as shocked as Andrew that he made it. Me thinks in the final moments of the show he realized he was given a gift of a second chance and that he will take advantage of it.

As for the very ending. I can't criticize the Scoobs for not dropping to their knees in tears. Hey, they just survived the end of the world with a chance to start over, to live normal lives for a change. They will grieve, just not in that moment.

Oh, and Giles referencing the other Hellmouth in Cleveland? Priceless.
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No surprise that I totally agree with you :) But I will say that I think it's possible to have romantic love for more than one person - it manifests itself in different ways with different people. That doesn't necessarily mean that Buffy will end up with either one - we've seen time and again that love isn't always enough - but it's good to know that Buffy is willing and able to love again. I totally loved how Spike and Buffy ended - I think the expressions on their faces before Buffy spoke told us that words weren't really necessary. I think Spike denied her words because he wanted her gone, he had work to do and she had a life to live. It's right and fitting. It's my Casablanca ending - for those who said Spike and Buffy were Rhett and Scarlett - no way! Those characters were selfish and self-serving - Buffy and Spike are Ilsa and Rick, and Angel is Victor Lazlo - the lives of a Slayer and two souled vampires don't amount to a hill of beans in this crazy hellmouthy world :)

I do agree that Angel was in character - at the end of Home, he looked at Connor and smiled - his son was finally happy and he was content with that. I like how DB can poke fun at Angel's rather stuffy demeanor :)

And I loved the S/B conversation in the basement - it played out more humorously than it read in the script, and I'm glad of that. Buffy and Spike are not sickly sweet romantic - they're full of snark and wit, and it's wonderful. Loved the drawing on the punching bag, lol!

The ep was so well balanced with action, humor, emotion. I loved how Joss solved "the slayer is always alone" scenario, and now they have Willow as their creator, it has a lovely symmetry to it. The line is now all women from top to bottom. Some have said that Buffy still didn't give the SITs a choice, but she did - the girls are still potentials, but now they are potentials with power. Yay!

I think the ending was perfect. When people are faced with death, it's not always about breaking down - it's a feeling of unreality, numbness. And in this case, they're still overwhelmed with saving the world. It was fitting. And Buffy's smile said it all - she can have a life now, courtesy of her decision, and Spike's sacrifice.

On to Cleveland - can you picture that? :)

Oh yeah!
I actually liked Kennedy and Wood tonight.

So, I always liked Wood, so that didn't change, but during the Willow-Kennedy scenes, I kept making this strange alien noise that sounded something like, "Awww..."

Further proof that Joss is God, for only Divine Intervention could make me like that character.