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Since everyone is doing that tree thingee, I'm not. HA! Now you must all go to your graves not knowing what kind of tree I am. :p

I've created a monster. Well, not really and if she is a monster she's a very sweet one. Kind of like Spike, except I don't want to have sex with her - no offense. ;) I convinced the not-so-anonymous Gail to start IMing and not only has she become quite fond of it, she's now recruiting others to sign up. MUWAHAHAHAHA!!! Yes, people, you will bow to my will. Next step is getting her LJ'd up. ;)

Not only did I get to talk to Gail last night but fer1213 too! *Finally* after weeks of missing each other, we were able to chat for a bit...until she had to go make dinner for her kids. Fine. Be that way. :p

Before she abandoned us, we did get a small preview of her next fic. Yes, feel free to be jealous.

Watched my BRAVO shows last night. The season finale of Blow Out! But, but, I was just getting hooked! It's sad, but I was actually very concerned that Kim wouldn't pass her final test and become a stylist. Though I did feel Jonathon was being overly critical at times (you do a cut his way or it's the wrong way), I did have to agree that if you are paying $125 for a haircut it can't be 'almost perfect'.

As for the big confrontational meeting, both sides were right and both sides were wrong. I agreed with the stylists - they did need an assistant to wash hair, do clean up, etc. After all, the more cuts they can do, the more money for the shop. But, an office manager to greet clients and serve coffee? Uh, no. The receptionist looks bored, let her do it.

And no for something we do do better than the Brits - gay make over shows. The British version of QE sucked. I called my mother midway through (I've now got her hooked :) and we bitched during the last half hour. Where was the wine tasting and cooking tips? Where was taking the guy to the store to pick out furniture and explain the choices being made? Why was the clothing store owner picking out clothes and not the 'expert'? Where was the humor? I didn't laugh once. And no throwing furniture out the window?! That's just wrong. My mother is convinced these are not experts in their field, but actors hired to fill a part.

OK, I've probably succeeded in pissing off my British friends. Hey, you guys have Shakespeare, at least let us say our Queer Eye is better. :)

Oh, look at my pretty icon. _jems_ awarded the medal to me for making it through her post. ;) I requested mine be emblazzened with The Kiss from TR. She had some excellent observations regarding the first six seasons of Buffy, including why B/A was wrong, wrong, wrong. ;-) If you haven't read it already, you should.
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