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The Day In Review

OK, the Emmy nominations weren't quite as bad as I had expected. Apparently the changes in the nominating procedures helped a bit. Would Arrested Development have been nominated had it been on last season? Doubt it. On the other hand, how does The West Wing and Will and Grace still get nominated? And is it wrong for me to be hoping that William Shatner wins best guest starring role for The Practice?

There seems to be a bit of a kerfuffle over the WB now blaming FOX for Angel's cancellation. I'm paralyzed with not caring very much...

jesouhaite47 posted a link in which JJ Abrams Promises to Fix 'Alias' ". Only MINOR SPOILERS, but I know some folks want to remian 100% pure. I give JJ credit, how many writers admit they screwed up?

I really wish I had put some serious consideration into going to the San Diego Comic Con. I knew Sarah was going to be there which, in itself, is not a big draw for me. But her, plus Joss, cast members from Serenity, Buffy, Farscape, and Lost? ::weeps:: And I think it would just be fun and relaxing to attend a Con that crosses so many fandoms and I'm not there to see just one person. I'll definitely keep it in mind for next year.

Work sucked this afternoon. I knew I was getting too comfortable and relaxed. It's the universes little way of toying with my emotions. And the universe always decides to do it as I'm PMSing. Yeah, very funny.

To leave you on a pleasent note, apparently Wonderfalls wil be released on DVD December 7th. Just in time for the holidays! Color me surprised. :p
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