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Maybe Next Year

So after some research, the San Diego Con just doesn't seem doable. For what it would cost me, I think I could afford that new laptop. Besides, this weekend I'd have to do most of the planning I'm just not up to it. Between the humidity and PMS and the drugs taken to combat the latter, I've managed to sleep about 16 hours since last night. The rest of the time I've spent perusing and replying to fer1213's latest Buffy related discussion, this time about redemption. Have I mentioned lately what an evil woman she is?

And because of her (evil, evil woman) now I *really* want to rewatch both series over from the beginning. Though, I probably should do that long delayed season 6 write up first.

I've been rewatching Firefly. Had the show been allowed to continue, I'm sure I would have grown to hate one of the characters. ;) Right now I adore all of them and I can't say that about either Buffy or Angel. I also wonder who would have died because, as we know, Joss is a bastard and would have felt compelled to kill off one of them at some point.

I'm also left to wonder how successfully in a film Joss will be able to resolve River's story arc. Events in 'War Stories' and 'Objects in Space' gave us hints as to what River went through at the Academy and for what purpose and, damn it, I want to know if I'm right!
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