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I'm Baaaaaaaack

After several days of having nothing to say, last night, I finally had stuff to say. And what happens? NO INTERNET ACCESS! THE HORROR!!!

Yes, it's official, I'm an addict. It wasn't pretty here last night. There was panic, despair, and, finally, anger. I suspected what the problem was and discovered I was correct in my assumption this morning.

See, I get my internet access through work and due to a brief, but very bad, storm last night the office lost power. That fact hit me as I walked into the building this morning - no air conditioning. So, while we were waiting for maintenance to get the AC up and running again, we got to endure 85 degree temps in accounting. Yeah, fun.

My main point in wanting to post last night was to discuss, well, rave about Rescue Me. So far this summer, I've not been impressed by anything in the so-called 'second season' of network and cable programming. The 4400 was better in it's second outing, but still not interesting enough to keep me glued to my seat. Dennis Leary, however, did not disappoint me.

I've always liked the guy. The Ref is an underated gem. The Job, his previous series outing, was one of the funniest shows on the air. But, with just me and the critics watching, it didn't last long. I hope the same fate does not befall his latest effort. Not that the show is perfect - talking to the 'ghosts' of those he couldn't save seems both cliche and distracting - still, it's a great effort balancing both laugh out loud moments with moments that give you a lump in your throat. I know this is a personal effort for Dennis, having lost friends and a cousin on September 11th, just as his character has on the show. Maybe that's why, for the first time, I saw him as a gifted actor, not just a gifted comedian.

The other thing that occupied my viewing last night was Alien3. I had received that Alien Quadrilogy on DVD for Christmas and while I quickly watched the first two films, my interest came to a grinding halt with number three. It's been years since I had seen it and I only recall being horribly depressed and disappointed by it.

I chose to watch the extended version of the film because I had heard it was better. It is, to an extent, but it's still a deeply flawed movie (though, I have to admit, the most visually stunning of the four). More interesting than the actual film are the supplemental materials which explain, in great detail, what could have been and what went wrong. I think I'll do a post on some of what I saw as well as some of my own observations. Not sure if anyone else will care about what I have to say, but, as with Buffy, I need to make sense of it all. ;)

And for those of you looking for some terrific post 'Not Fade Away' fic, I highly recommend fairy_tale_echo's I Sing the Body Electric. It deals with the survivors (yes survivors!) of the Big Battle and how they view Wes' life. Shockingly, it's not Spuffy, I read it, and loved it! Probably because the author sees things as I do. ;-)
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Yay! Other people are interested in the films! :)

I was devestated before I even saw the Alien3 because I had heard about the fate of Hicks and Newt. I mean, the whole point of the second one was Ripley saving Newt. Then to have them die in the first few minutes? Horribly at that. :(

Did you see the directors cut of Aliens that included the subplot about Ripley's daughter?

Sadly, David Fincher refuses to discuss the Alien3, but there were interviews with many others involved as well as Michael Biehn. To say that, to this day, he's still pissed off about Hicks being killed is an understatement. The guy has some anger management issues. But, he did reveal some insights which I will absolutely share this weekend. It will be nice to do a write up of something without having to analyze it to death. ;)
I've never seen the directors cut of Aliens, but I did read the novelization, and that includes the subplot about Ripley's daughter, which makes her relationship with Newt even more meaningful.

I've sometimes wondered what happened to Michael Biehn. I mean, he had the leading man roles in The Terminator and Aliens, two of the defining action movies of the eighties, so he should have been poised for a great career, but then he just seemed to fade away.
I've been seeing him in promos for a new NBC series called "Hawaii" which is supposed to start up after the Olympics.
I've seen those promos too. To be honest, I didn't even recognize him at first. The years have been a bit rough apparently.

I know he had a syndicated show on last year - Adventure Inc I believe it was called. I think I lasted through about fifteen minutes of one episode. :p
I got the impression from Michael's comments that he's rather difficult to deal with. He even admits that he pissed off a lot of people when he discovered his character was being killed off. In hindsight, now seeing the career Fincher has had, he mentioned instead of arguing with the studio and producers over money (to use his picture in the film) he should have just told Fincher to do what he wanted, but 'use me in one of your future projects'. Over the years, I think he's burned a lot of bridges and stalled his career.
I liked Alien 3. I saw in the theaters about three times and I swear I have watched this movie about 20 times (the most out of any of the Alien movies- I know I was crazy to watch it lots in the mid-90s).

I read the featurettes for the supplement disc for Alien 3 were edited (to cut out some harsher things Fincher had to say and to soften the tone of what was going on during the making of the movie). I do need to buy the Alien Quadrilogy because I want to see the extended cuts of Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection. I do like the 2 disc sets for each movie, but it is a shame you have to buy the 9 disc set (to get disc 9) because I heard from people that the 9 disc set did fall apart on some people.
I think Alien3 is a film that either fans love or loathe. I was definitely in the latter category when I first saw it and while I don't love it, I have a new respect for what was accomplished (or that they tried to accomplish).

I read the featurettes for the supplement disc for Alien 3 were edited (to cut out some harsher things Fincher had to say and to soften the tone of what was going on during the making of the movie).

The only time you see Fincher in the supplements is in footage that was shot while they were filming the movie. He didn't look particularly happy to have a camera following him around (at one point he shoves the camera away from him) and he didn't even grant interviews at the time as cast and crew members did. Everyone admits that he was put into a bad situation from day 1.

The supplemental materials I watched were pretty darn honest and not always complimentary to FOX. They may have toned things down a bit, but we gat a clear picture of what went down during production.

I'm hoping to watch the director's cut of Alien Resurrection soon. I found that movie OK when I first saw it, but am curious as to how it maybe could have been better.