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If You Don't Like Spuffy Fic, Keep Moving People

No deep thoughts today, thank God. Hopefully the ‘Hell’s Bells’ dailies won’t provide any once I finally get to them. But, I did want to take a moment to recommend some great fics.

fer1213 rec’d Slow Motion by cindergal several days ago, but I just was able to get to it today. It’s takes place several months after the events in NFA and involves a Spuffy reunion I only wish we could have seen. Snappy dialogue, good insight into the characters, and a nice Spike/Illyria friendship make this another must read. God, I sound like a blurb on :p

And speaking of my dear Fer, she started another marvelous WIP Third Chances - Woo and Hoo! This one takes place about a year after NFA and is a tiny bit angsty. But, this is Fer, so we just *know* how it will all turn out. :-) And if it doesn’t, I’m going down to Dallas to beat her over the head with her DVD box sets. I’m keeping my eye on you Missy…..

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