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Movies You Can Wait For On DVD and Other Stuff

Since a substantial portion of my Flist has either been away at WriterCon, on vacation, or moving, I figured it was a good time to take a bit of a break from LJ. I managed to go a stretch of 36 hours without even turing on my computer. Who'd of thunk it? ;)

Of course, as I sit down to read LJ I decided to turn the TV on for background noise and see that we may be facing another terrorist attack, possibly in New York....where I'm suppose to be a month from today. :( I'm being tremendously selfish, but my first thought was about my (and my mom's) vacation getting screwed up. I had to pass up on WriterCon because of it's timing, so I was really looking forward to this. Especially seeing Hugh again before The Boy From Oz closes on September 12th. Hopefully either the government is wrong (again) or, this time, they can stop it all from happening.

As for this weekend, I went to see The Bourne Supremecy and The Village, hence my comments about waiting for the DVDs. The former was entertaining. It's one of those films that held your attention while in the theatre, but you forget much of it soon after.

Convoluted would about sum it up. I wish M Night would stop going on about the "twists" because there ain't any here. I figured out right away that it was set during the present day.

As for the monster, I was partially correct. William Hurt conveniently went missing during it's first appearance, so I assumed it was him in a costume. When it turned out to be Noah doing the more violent deeds, I was actually rather sad. Was there a need for M Night to turn Noah from sweet and mentally challenged to, essentially, a psychopath? (Though Lucius getting stabbed provided the only true surprise in the film.)

It was also convenient that the lone person to make it out of the village happened to be blind so she can't report on what's in the outside world. Though, Bryce Dallas Howard (Opie's daughter for those of you who don't know ;) did give an incredible performance. I expect to be seeing a lot of her in the future.

BTW, if the Walker family had such wealth that they could keep this community hush-hush (including a no-fly zone, puh-leeze) why couldn't they arrange to have supplies dropped off every few months? Just the basic necessities. After all, most parents wouldm't choose to watch their children die because they can't face the violence of the real world.

Last night I watched the Special Edition of Alien: Resurrection. It's unfricken believeable I didn't recall the insperation this must have been for Firefly. A small crew living on the fringes of a society dominated by a military influence and taking on cargo without asking too many questions? And I know the Reavers are supposedly human, but their leave nothing behind alive mentality sounds similar to that of the aliens.

The beginning and ending are a bit different. Honestly, I didn't see the point of the intended beginning other than to show they were on a really big ship in space.

The ending in the theatrial version was sort of hopeful. We get to see Ripley (well, her clone) finally return home to earth as the ship decends towards the planet. But, in the SE we see Ripley and Winona Ryders's character having a conversation *on* earth, discussing how the military will find them soon, the need to get 'lost', and how easy it will be to do here. The camera then pans from them to absolute ruins.

Most of the stuff that was cut consisted of a few lines here or there and nothing that really added to the story. However, ther were two instances that added emotional resonance. First, when the doctors are trying to reeducate Ripley via flashcards she is shown a drawing of a little girl. Immediately, she is at a loss for words and breaks down crying. Later, in the other excised moment, she explains to Winona how she, too, once cared and tried to save people. There was one person in particular, a little girl whose name she can no longer remember, yet she knows she meant something to her. Both these moments added some nice continuity as well as giving the Ripley clone some much needed warmth.

Now, off to either watch the extras or finish up watching the 'Hell's Bells' dailies. Yes, I have a few points of interest on those too. Now let's just see if fer1213 or I post them first. ;)

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