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Life Serial and Hell's Bells Dailies

Before I forget, if any one wants to read very thorough and incisive reports of Jane’s Q&A at WriterCon, please check out swmbo’s journal. It was incredible to read that just about every opinion I had regarding the last two seasons of BtVS were confirmed by Jane. These two bits swmbo recalled were amongst my favorite:

"[Jane] thinks that part of the problem was simply a lack of Joss-time - no script/idea got filmed without going through him. But his attention was scattered enough that they didn't always think things through, if they had his attention, they pushed whatever it was that sounded good, without looking at the arc overall. Because of that, Jane thought things weren't as clear/powerful as they could be."

"[Jane] thinks the story worked very well thematically - the idea that Buffy spends the season coming to terms with her power and then, after she's done so, passing it along, but that it didn't always come across on screen."

I love Jane. How often do you get this kind of honestly from a writer? I doubt Joss would admit to any of this. :p

OK, I finally finished watching the dailies last night. No Spuffiness to report, sadly, but much Sarah cuteness

Life Serial was only one disc and consisted largely of the Magic Box segment of the episode. I don’t really have much to say about what I saw. It was mostly just multiple takes of scenes including many of just the mummy hand for special effects shots. Watching that gets old fast and I fast forwarded over much of it.

There was one absolutely adorable bit with Sarah while she’s shooting a scene with Giles. While they are waiting for the director to yell ‘action’, she has a conversation with one of the crew. I *think* the crew guy says ‘I love you Aly’ which begins this exchange:

Sarah (teasing): I love you too. Say you love me.
Crew guy: I love you.
Sarah. Liar. Such a man.

Hee! Also after one of the crying takes, she bellows out “WAAHHHHHH!!!” And when she misses a cue (she says her line before the door bell jingles, she immediately says “my apologies”. Um, how did this woman get a rep for being distant, standoffish, demanding, and a diva?

Hell’s Bells

Maybe it’s just me, maybe I’m looking too much for things, but I felt as though you could sense who gets along best with whom. For instance, Sarah seemed much more ‘professional’ with Aly and far more relaxed and jovial around Nick. As for not socializing with her cast mates, Nick can be heard talking at one point about how he “went to Sarah’s house”.

There’s also a LOL moment during the cummerbund scene. They had already done several takes of Buffy trying to get it around Xander. Sarah confirms with the camera guy that the takes they are about to do are above the cummerbund so she won’t have to actually tighten it and hurt Nick. Nick’s response (and he says this in a not joking manner) is “actually, do it, I like it”. Sarah stops at what he says, raises her eyebrows, and then rolls her eyes. 

Emma has some pretty funny moments too. When she’s rehearsing her marital vows, instead of ending with “I get to be with my best friend forever” she continues on without missing a beat with “until he dumps me in two days”. She ‘cries’, the crew laughs. And as Willow has her hands up Anya’s dress to adjust it, Emma begins writhing and going “Oh,Yeah, Baby”. The guys on the crew seemed to enjoy that. ;)

Interestingly, there was some non HB footage included on the discs. The door closing from the end of OAFA as well as a couple shots of Hali granting Dawn’s wish and Buffy fighting the demon. There is the full discussion (we saw an edited version) that takes place between Sam and Buffy in the cemetery in AYW. Believe it or not, it makes Riley look more sympathetic. Blech. And there is a bit of the alley scene from DT. Spike taking some punches then saying “you always hurt the one you love” and him reacting to Buffy walking away. Pity we didn’t get the close up of him as she leaves. The desperation rolls off of him as he begs “Buffy, don’t do this – please” and then he collapses (he does NOT pass out – I got so sick of people claiming Buffy left him unconscious in the alley to burn up as the sun rose :p). He seems so broken. Not because of what she did to him, but because of what she’s about to do to herself.

Other random observances:

Emma’s line readings regarding Buffy’s ‘death’. They range from sad to flippant to angry.

That the vast majority of the time, even if the actor is not in the shot, they do the line reading off camera for the benefit of their costars.

I hate to bring this up again, but we see quite a bit of Nick flubbing his lines and being very frustrated with himself because of it. I also noticed a couple of times him blinking his eyes and shaking his head as if to wake himself up. Emma seemed displeased with some of this stopping and starting.

Unlike the other eps, with the HB dailies we seem to get a lot more snippets of conversation between the cast and crew which (obviously) I found very interesting.
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