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Six Days and Still Nothing to Say

Could my life be any more boring? Apparently not. I haven't posted since the fifth and I still got nothing.

I could talk about seeing the movie Outbreak this weekend on TV and wondering what the hell Rene Russo, Dustin Hoffman, and Kevin Spacey were thinking? The first fifteen minutes were reasonably good and raised some intriguing (and scary) questions. Then I can only assume the studio wanted a love story thrown in. Because when there's an unknown, 100% fatal virus that's already killed hundreds within a few days and can potentially wipe out the entire population of the US, what the audiance really wants to know is if a divorced couple can find love with each other again. What makes it more special is having the couple be Rene and Dustin who generate the same kind of heat you'd find in the Antarctic.

I don't even have the strength to recount all the plot travesties that occureed so that the disease could spred really, really a lab technichian sticking his hand in a still moving piece of equipment to take out a blood sample, which causes it to break and splatter blood all over his face, then have him go to the movies that night suffering from a killer flu (literally).

I could talk about the Impressionist exhibit I saw on Sunday. It was nice...from what I could see. People, the benches they provide are for sitting back and looking at work instead of, oh, standing twelve inches from it and blocking everyone elses view. Of course, it's made worse by said people rewinding the portable recorders they are carrying to tell them what they should think about the work. It would be silly to draw your own impressions. Yes, pun intended.

I could talk about work....but, best not too.

I can mention how the rat bastards at USA cancelled Touching Evil. And Alias won't be back until January. What does it say that Las Vegas is now the show I'm most looking forward to returning?

Oh, I went to the dentist yesterday. My dentist has put a watch on teeth 11 and 12. I can only guess this is part of the governments new terrorism precautions. I swear, it's only a coincedence I'll be in New York while the Republican Convention is going on.

If you haven't already guessed, yes, I am PMSing. :p
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