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NBC's Promos During the Olympics AKA What Are They Thinking?

After only three days of Olympic coverage it's safe to say I've seen some of the promos for NBC's new fall shows about a bazillion times. So far, nothing screams Must See TV, more like Must Get Away From TV. Here's just a few of my observations...

Hawaii or the show that answers the question, whatever happened to Michael Biehn? It looks like CSI except without good acting, writing, or production values. Or maybe it's suppose to be escapist fun without, you know, the fun.

Medical Investigations - Gee, I wonder what this could be about? Apparently they were so busy concentrating on the scripts they couldn't be bothered with an interesting title. And, sadly, while I like several of the actors on this show, they seem to be taking histrionics and scenery chewing to whole new levels.

Father of the Pride - OK, I actually chuckled during the promos. It doens't look like the next Simpsons, but I haven't seen anything that would not make me tune in for at least one ep.

Joey - History teaches us that, with a few exceptions, spin offs from successful generally series suck. I had my doubts that Matt LaBlanc's dumb guy routine could sustain a series. If the pointless and unfunny promos I've seen are any indication, I was right. (And what does it say that they are showing no footage from the actual show?) At least I know now that I'll be watching Survivor on Thursdays.

This says something about the state of what I have left to look forward to - I was actually giddy to see Danny propose to Mary in the Las Vegas promo. I've even analyzed why she'll say no even though she's been in love with him for years. Maybe this is the fall season I get a life...

On the plus side, my Olympic boyfriend, Lenny Krayzelburg, made his reappearance into my life this weekend. Sadly, It doesn't look like he'll win a gold this time around, but he seems genuinely happy just to be there. And I'm happy just to see him back. ;-)
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