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Wizard World Report

Via Whedonesque, I found this recap of Joss appearance at Wizard World this past weekend.

Joss talked a bit seeminlgy about every project he's been involved with and could yet be involved with (X-Men 3). Yet, as always, what was most intriguing, for me, was what he has to say in regards to Buffy. In particular, how he intended to bring back Tara. I knew he had wanted to, but, until now, I don't think he's ever talked of what might have been.....

"About three or four episodes from the end of the last season, Buffy was going to be granted one...reality altering wish. The episode would revolve around her struggling with what she could do for herself with that wish. She could bring Angel back to her..."

Whedon then briefly described the episode ending scene. "Buffy would walk into a room and show Willow these shoes that she wanted. Willow would then express disappointment and say 'You had one reality-altering wish and you wished for shoes?' Buffy would then deny that she had done that and leave. Willow would turn around and there would be Tara."

So, what do you all think of this idea? I'm a bit torn. It sounds cool in and of itself, but doesn't it seem to contradict the rules the show established regarding human death under 'natural' circumstances? And given the heavy issues of season 6 and the ramifications being dealt with in season 7, doesn't Buffy simply having to make a wish to bring Tara back seem like a cheat? This all just seems...convenient.

ETA: I came across this more in-depth recap of Joss' comments this morning. It helps to clarify his remarks regarding Tara's return (apparently the writer of the article had the same questions we did :) and there is a rather lame (in my opinion) reason as to why it was Anya who died.
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