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I just finished watching 'Dead End' on TNT. Once again I'm struck by the fact that Lindsey's departure from LA in no way gels with his return three years later. So, announcing he was tired of all the crap and warning Angel not to play W&H's game was just the first step in his evil plan? Not to mention, I see nothing that indicates he had to be killed....which I'd really be pissed off about if Lindsey was actually dead, which he's not. He's not. Shut up.

All this reminds me of a remark Gail made on my previous post in reference to Joss:

He seems to come up with an idea without thinking through its repercussions. It's a dubious process at best and can work only if he's completely involved day in and day out, and he wasn't.

Yep. I'm sensing that. I think he had this great idea to bring Lindsey back (as he did with bringing Spike back), but, once he set the wheels in motion, had no clue what to do with him (Christian has pretty much confirmed this in interviews). It's too bad. I enjoyed season 5 of Angel quite a bit, but I'm left to wonder how great it might have been with a little more forethought.

Um, not sure if there was much of a point here other than it's part of my ongoing process of trying to deduce what they were doing with my tiny Texan. ;)
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