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A Bunch of Unrelated Stuff

Am I the only one wondering if there is May/Walsh slash? Rolling around together in the sand in those skimpy outfits I'm sure has launched a thousand indecent thoughts.

The Paul Hamm drama has spred. There seem to be about a half dozen protests lodged now involving the gymnastics competition. Apparenlty every person who competed now feels they deserved a medal. And I thought figure skating was the most cut-throat olympic sport. :p

reckleslinguist informed me today hat David Anders is going to have a reoccuring part on CSI this coming season. Why did I not know this?! My interest had waned last season, but I guess I'll have to make it must see TV again.

Looking at my calendar today, I realized that a week from tomorrow I shall be in New York. Part of me feels I should be more excited, the other part tells me 'you never get excited'. True. I will be when I get there, but last time I seemed to over plan and this time I've decided to just take things as they come. In addition to the shows - The Boy From Oz (yes, again), The Frogs, and Dracula: The Musical - I'm definitely getting to the Met. My mother supposedly has a list of things she'd like to do. We'll see how that goes considering her up and down mood.

Very belated birthday wishes to lollobrigida. I was off the computer most of the weekend and didn't realize until Monday I had missed it. I wish it could have been a better day for you. ::hugs::

Finally, I have to give a shout out to _jems_ who posted an amazing set of icons tonight. I could go on and on, but her work speaks for itself.
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