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Um, I'm Drawing A Blank Here - Have I Mentioned I Hate Subject Lines?

As I do every morning after I get to work, I took a look at LJ. (Shhhhh, don't tell.) My Flist was apparently very busy last night. Recently, in order to avoid the 'D'Oh! I forgot to get back to that', I've taken to jotting on a post-it things I need to comment on. I was amused at how today's listing turned out...sweet ali dances w/ words...pre-order Posh wisteria fic.

What does that mean in English? While sweet_ali does have a lovely way with words, but I was reminding myself to wish her a</color> HAPPY BIRTHDAY</color>. Hope the day itself is a good one for you. :)

I needed to comment on danceswithwords latest BtVS observations (this time regarding season3). Apparently we all agree 'Dead Man's Party' is one of the worst...episodes...ever.....and Xander should die. ;-)

For those who don't know, you can now pre-order Season 7 of Buffy at Amazon.

poshcat over at summer_of_spike has devised a 'Choose Your Own Porny Adventure' fic which aims to please both Spuffy and Spander fans. I look forward to reading it...most of it, since, as you know, I'm no Spander fan. Though, from the synopsis, I am curious as to where her depths of depravity come from. ;)

And wisteria_ has produced an angsty new Spike fic. Not in the mood for angst right now (I get enough of that at work thank you), so I shall have to save that one for later this weekend.

So, there's my shorthand. :)

In other news, I still haven't seen Garden State and it won't be happening this weekend either. This is one of those times I hate having so few friends that live nearby to do stuff with. There is a slight chance a friend and I can get together Tuesday night to see it. But, that's the night before I leave for New York. Usually I'm running around trying to get organized about that time. Maybe I can use the movie as an incentive to get my packing done Monday night. That way, I can kick back and relax Tuesday night and probably not be up till the wee hours of the morning.

Finally, in the This Amuses Me to No End Department, my pain in the ass co-worker was all giddy this morning because our boss called her regarding a difficult time she has been having with an attorney. She was thrilled to hear he would be having a talk with him, look into the matter, yada, yada. Um, what she didn't figure out was that he called about five minutes after I was up in his office cluing him in to the situation. Yes, *I* made her life easier. Me, the 'selfish' one who she's always back stabbing. Yeah, I could tell her, but I'm enjoying her cluelessness too much. :)</color>

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