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Most Likely My Post Before I Leave

Tomorrow I am off for hopefully five fun filled days in New York. With any luck I'll avoid both Convention attendees and protesters. ;)

While it would be nice if all of you didn't post till I got back, it would be a wee bit selfish of me to ask. But, if anything earth shattering happens, any good discussions take place, or fics get updated (eyes CJ and Fer), drop me a line. Otherwise, I'll just assume you all had boring, empty lives while I was away. :)

Oh, before I forget, since the little part of Buffy fandom I got sucked into seems to revolve around Spuffy and their portrayers, anyone come across recaps of the Q&A's at the Con this past weekend not involving James? I think I have the gist of what he had to say, but I'm still curious as to what ASH and AD talked about.

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Part one of a transcript of AD's Q&A is available here. Hopefully, the rest of the transcript will go up before the end of the day.

I hope you have fun in New York! And I certainly hope you're able to avoid all of the political madness going on there this week.
I hope you have a great time in NYC and manage to avoid the chaos!

As for con transcripts, this one seems like it'll be fairly comprehensive in due course.
Have fun in New York! as apolitical as possible. ;)

We'll try to have boring life while you are gone, but when are you back?
Have a lovely time in New York!

FYI, all of the momentous occasions for the next ten years of my life will be taking place while you're gone. Oh, well. I guess you'll just have to miss all the excitement. ;P
Have a great time! Will you be seeing any shows on (or off) Broadway? My brother lives in NYC and loves it. I'm sure you will too :)
I think I'm too late, but have a fun, safe trip! As for Q&As, I didn't have enough tapes on me to tape Saturday's, but I got ASH's Sunday Q&A. It's hard to remember what everybody talked about, it's all such a blur. I do remember ASH rolling out the "as a father figure of course Giles wanted retribution for Spike's raping Buffy" line when asked about LMPTM, which I'll be poking holes in in my report later. I remember that, and the singing. And the adorable giggling. And he talked a lot about the Taster's Choice commercials. I wish I could remember more of AD's and that I managed to tape it because he was extremely charming and well-spoken (not to mention hot) but I'm having difficulty remembering anything he said.