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The First Evil

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Most Likely My Post Before I Leave

Tomorrow I am off for hopefully five fun filled days in New York. With any luck I'll avoid both Convention attendees and protesters. ;)

While it would be nice if all of you didn't post till I got back, it would be a wee bit selfish of me to ask. But, if anything earth shattering happens, any good discussions take place, or fics get updated (eyes CJ and Fer), drop me a line. Otherwise, I'll just assume you all had boring, empty lives while I was away. :)

Oh, before I forget, since the little part of Buffy fandom I got sucked into seems to revolve around Spuffy and their portrayers, anyone come across recaps of the Q&A's at the Con this past weekend not involving James? I think I have the gist of what he had to say, but I'm still curious as to what ASH and AD talked about.

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