Asta 2

I'm Baaaaaaaack!

Please, contain your enthusiasm.

I'll update on all my goings on in New York later. The highlight one again would be seeing Hugh. Sigh. The low point....too many damn conventions going on. If it wasn't the Republicans or the poeple protesting the Republicans, it was some networking conference for those of Indian decent. Still, I had a good time and the weather was gorgeous our entire stay.

I reviewed today's entries on my Flist and spot checked here and there. Doesn't seem like anything bad happened to anyone while I was gone, thank goodness. And I mananged to catch up on DragonCon and Oakland Con reports. That just leaves fic updates which were mercifuly few. :)

More later - right now I need to catch up on RL stuff.
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Glad you're home safe and sound, and looking forward to hearing all about it, sans conventions :)
Hi! I'm glad to hear that you survived the conventioners of both political parties and that you had a good time seeing Hugh!
You probably missed my entry where I messed up your purse I was sending out, but I'm fixing another one and mailing it instead. Just wanted to give you a heads up....

Hope you enjoyed NYC!
Re: Ooooh
Yes, I did miss your entry (just went back and checked it). Thanks for the do-over. The first one was probably fine, but you're probably a perfectionist like me. ;) I look forward to the finished product. :)
Ah, a fellow BtVS fan who also happens to be a Boy from Oz fan?!?! That's it, I think I gotta friend you. I've seen the show back in May, and Hugh totally charmed my pants off. (Not literally, I'm sad to say.)

Sorry about the conventions. We do a lot o' those. On the bright side, if you're a poor grad student like me, and you manage to sneak into one of those, there's usually bagels and coffee - that is, as long as you can dodge the person whose name tag you copped at the door.
I could say I'm a woman of varied tastes, which is true. But, I also like the pretty boys. ;)

Sadly, do to stoopid work issues, I still haven't posted about the shows I saw. It's on my To Do list for this weekend. I actually had seen Oz back im September when it was in previews. Hugh was fabulous of course, but the show itself I was a bit ho-hum about. This time around, I loved it all. Hugh has gotten even better - his banter with the audiance, which he was not doing back in September, was a hoot - and the cast seems to have really grown into their roles.

More details later, I promise. As well as thoughts on Dracula (not great, but much better than what the critics would have you think) and The Frogs.