The First Evil (asta77) wrote,
The First Evil

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I'm Baaaaaaaack!

Please, contain your enthusiasm.

I'll update on all my goings on in New York later. The highlight one again would be seeing Hugh. Sigh. The low point....too many damn conventions going on. If it wasn't the Republicans or the poeple protesting the Republicans, it was some networking conference for those of Indian decent. Still, I had a good time and the weather was gorgeous our entire stay.

I reviewed today's entries on my Flist and spot checked here and there. Doesn't seem like anything bad happened to anyone while I was gone, thank goodness. And I mananged to catch up on DragonCon and Oakland Con reports. That just leaves fic updates which were mercifuly few. :)

More later - right now I need to catch up on RL stuff.
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