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The Two Best Reasons to Frequent The Gap

Posters of Josh Duhamel and Michael Vartan all over the frickin place. :) Sadly, I couldn't find any clothes as interesting as the artwork adorning the walls. I think I loitered as long as I could without becoming a shoplifting suspect.

At other stores I had more luck finding stuff to actually buy. I decided some time ago that I'm tired of the vast majority of my wardrobe and that this weekend I was going to do something about it, money be damned. Yet, that thrifty little voice in my head always seemed to tell me when something was 'not worth it' after looking at the price tag. Luckily, I found some good sales and had coupons with me. *And* with the exception of a pair of shoes and a totebag for work, I avoided buying anything black. I even became so radical that I bought a muted lime green sweater. Yay me. I also picked up this funky little plastic handbag that is covered with images from NY. It was only $12 and if I only use it a few times I won't feel I wasted my money.

Since it's fast approaching midnight here (though, the girl in question is three hours behind me ;), HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! to ascien3. :) Already Riding the high of her swanky new job and new computer that goes with it, I'm sure she's having a terrific day. ::hugs and kisses::

The post about my trip to New York? Tomorrow....keeping in mind that means I have until midnight. :p

So, any other Star Wars fans who have yet to order the discs out of fear that George will screw us over yet again a release another special edition set next year? Of course, will I want a set that includes the prequels???

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