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Damn You Joss Whedon

Very interesting (and frustrating) interview over at

Buffy Postmordem

Seems I was on track with my analysis.

I'm a bit confused over a couple of points. Fury and Minear in the Succubus Club interview stated that James would be involved in any spin off project and, at the very least, would have made guest appearances on Angel. So, I'm confused as to why the decision to have him die a hero's death is causing any sort of problem for them now. They must have had some plans to bring him back. Or, did Joss actually change his mind about how Spike's arc was to end on Buffy? Did he not intend to have him sacrifice himself originally?

And what's all this continuing the B/A/S triangle?! This really has me scratching my head:

She said very specifically she doesn't want to go and find a boyfriend. She wants to go and find herself — spend some time becoming a grown-up and finding out who she is, and then she can stop to find out who fits with that...But if she instantly went off and attached herself to Angel, she'd be throwing away everything she'd just been given, which is her freedom. It would be the last thing she would do. Well, not the last thing. She wouldn't do it until sweeps.

So, in one sentence Joss leads me to believe Buffy isn't certain who, if anyone, she would choose. Yet, he then makes mention that if she does choose, it would seem to be Angel, presumably during sweeps. Of course, the argument can be made that she wouldn't be aware she even has a choice. For all we know she could return to LA still believing Spike is dead and be in for quite a shock.

At least he doesn't intend to throw Spike back into a another relationship; that his feelings are still unresolved. Besides, he'll have lots of other thing to deal with. However they bring him back, it seems it won't be easy for him. And, personally, I'm glad that Shanshuing isn't necessarily the way they are going.
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Not throwing Spike into a new relationship may preserve the character's integrity. Unfortunately, it also preserves my UST.

A little vicarious Spikey sex. Maybe an amnesia ep, where he forgets Buffy long enough to schtup a guest star. Is that too much to ask?
Jonesie, with our luck, in the middle of the amnesia induced sex, Buffy would pick that exact moment to return to him. Personally, I can live without him having sex, as long as we have scenes of him getting out of the shower, changing his shirt, taking off his shirt to attend to his sexy wounds, etc.

Chris, Spike wil be Spike, flesh and blood, I'm just not sure that means alive or undead. You're realy not going to watch next season? I was as disappointed with this past season as you were, but, hello, James? If I can sit through Andromeda and Winding Roads to watch him, I certianly can sit through Angel.

Besides, I have some faith that they can write themselves out of the mess I perceived last season to be. Fury and Minear talked about the mistakes made on the show and how Charisma's pregnancy through a wrench in their plans. With Cordy gone as well as Conner and with what I hope to be an interesting dynamic between Spike and Angel, I think things could be interesting again. Just please don't have Buffy choose Angel over Spike. BLECK!
Too funny in the "I'm mad as Hell and not going to take this anymore" kind of way. Excellent points and much more profound them my usual "Well, that was craptacular" analysis.

Worse case scenerio next season, I'll watch it as I do General Hospital - watch the characters I love and fast forward through the rest of it. I don't even know what the Hell Luke, Lucky, Nicholas, and the bimbo are doing in the exotic local of Studio B.
I don't even know what the Hell Luke, Lucky, Nicholas, and the bimbo are doing in the exotic local of Studio B.

Just let me say, not a damn interesting thing. I'm hoping they'll all get struck with exotic diseases and perish.