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Feeling the love tonight

It's official. My new TV boyfriend is Josh Duhamel. And, apparently, I like my boyfriends dark, a bit broody, and, of course, sans shirt. ;) Now, I came late to the charms (well, charm ;) of Las Vegas. I blew it off at the st of last season as fluff and only after catching a glimpse of Mr Duhamel while channel surfing did I become a weekly watcher. I was even surprised to discover, after seeing Win a Date with Tad Hamilton that I thought the guy had some acting chops.

This all brings me to tonight where, with my dirth of anything to watch this season, I anxiously awaited the season premiere of the show. Helllloooo Dark Danny. Sure, Josh was cute last season, but the boy looked hot tonight. To make it even better, he actually got to act tonight and was good. I was incredibly impressed between the drooling. Now, if only Nikki Cox's cleavage would stop being so distracting...

Last night, I caved and watched A&E's Star Wars Special (which is actually part of the DVD extras). There was a line in the documentary, I forgot who said it, that stuck with me, "It's hard to imagine a time before 'Star Wars'". The truth is, really, I don't. One of my earliest memories is seeing Star Wars. It was my first obsession, consuming a large portion of my life. It got me interested in sci-fi, film, and art. It made me think and imagine. It made me believe we're not alone in the universe. I think it's because of all that that I'm so pissed off with George. To have something that meant so much to me now seem to mean so little to him.

Still, for a couple of hours my bitterness disappeared. Watching the old clips (ironically, they chose to use mostly pre Special Edition footage) I remembered why I loved the original trilogy. Especially when they showed a bit of my favorite scene - the one that still causes that hitch in my chest. It's not an obvious scene. It's in Empire. Han's desperately trying to get the Falcon going with Vader fast approaching the bay in which it's docked. With the ship in view, Vader senses victory, but Han manages to get the ship going and blasts off. Cut to Vader watching his prize escape him. Cut again to the planet's exterior and Luke turning to watch his friends presumabely flying off to safety. It's the last time in that movie that the heros will feel at all victorious. It gets me every time.

Most of the documentary was not new to me. Seeing the screen tests of those who did and did not get the roles was interesting though. Cindy Williams as Princess Leia? I think not. But, Kurt Russell wasn't bad as Han. Still, I think they went with the right people. It was sad to hear Carrie Fisher talk about how she had to go to a 'fat farm' in order to get the role. Nice George.

I heard something I never thought I would today..."Emmy winner William Shatner". Yep, it happened. He won for his guest turn on The Practice. Actually, I'm happy for the guy. I've seen some of his pre 'Star Trek' work and he wasn't bad before his ego got the better of him.

If you haven't done so already, I highly recommend checking out ats-nolimits - Episode 1: Flutter. I'm only about a third of the way through, but I've really enjoyed what I've read so far. I only wish Spike had had as many funny lines on this last saeson of 'Angel'. One of the reasons I had to stop reading was because I started laughing so hard at work and didn't want to raise suspicions. I'm very intrigued as to where this will all go. If they bring back Lindsey, I'll love the writers forever. :)

As I was typing this I had LAX on in the background. To quote Luke Skywalker, "What a piece of junk". :p

And Jack and Bobby? Is it just me, or was it a mistake to give away how it all ends in the very first episode??? Still, probably one of the better shows of the new season.
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