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On Saturday I saw Wimbledon. My main reason for seeing the film was Paul Bettany. As usual, he did not dissapoint. He was funny and actually made a believable tennis player on the far side of his career. Surprisingly, he had more chemistry with Kirsten Dunst than I expected. That's not to say sparks were flying, but they made a cute couple. Unfortunately, everytime she called him by his name, Peter, I had Spiderman flashbacks. :p

If you don't want to waste your time and money seeing it on the big screen, I'd say it would make a good DVD rental. I only had one real quibble (keeping in mind, as a fan of Boris Becker, I use to watch the tennis tournament every year), they never, ever play semi-final matches on outer courts. And a British player advancing through the tournament? He'd be on show courts as much as possible.

Sky Captain and the World of Tommorow as everyone has said is very...pretty. Actually, it's damn impressive visually. Too bad as I sat there awed by the environments created I realized I really didn't care about the characters. And Gwyneth? I wanted to tell her to shut the hell up and just let Jude do his job.

Sadly, Angelina Jolie who was actually playing an interesting character had a too small role. Now I think about it, I believe I read an interview that stated it didn't take her that long to film her role. Now I know why.

Oh, there was one bit of inspired casting, but it's pretty darn cool and I'd hate to give it away. ;)

Now off to touch up the greys before sitting down to Emmy disappointments. :p
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Is Wimbledon any good if one is not interested in tennis? I keep hearing good things about it,

And yeah, very impressive visuals with the soft-focus and the beautiful environments. And yeah, that casting bit, as you said, was cool.
Hmmmm....I'd have to be honest and say a good chunck of Wimbledon is about tennis. I'm a tennis fan and actually found myself getting into the matches. :) And I think I'd see Paul Bettany in just about anything. But, while the relationship was well handled and it was nice seeing Kirsten in a slightly more adult role, there is a lot of tennis.

Oh, one selling point is Nikolaj Coster-Waldau who plays Benttany's best friend/practice partner in the film. The guy is one nummy treat. ;)
Oh, there was one bit of inspired casting, but it's pretty darn cool and I'd hate to give it away. ;)

Are you talking about the villain? Because you said something like this in my LJ and if he was somebody I should have recognized from somewhere, I didn't.
I was being vague as to not spoil anyone. So, if anyone is reading this who hasn't yet seen the film, look away.....


It was Laurence Olivier. I thought using the old photos and film footage of him was a pretty neat trick. I also wonder what a dead person's asking price is now a days? ;)
Ooooh! I guess I haven't recently watched enough Laurence Olivier movies to have recognized him. That is indeed very cool.