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The Emmys

Streep and Pacino? Predictable.

Janney, Hyde-Pierce, and Grammer winning for the billionth time for shows waaaay past their prime? Puh-Leeze.

Spader? Thank you. (Though hearing LaPaglia would have made me happy too.)

Three wins including best comedy for Arrested Development? OK, I forgive you. :)

And, most importantly, Best Dressed: Joely Richardson.
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Oh, Spader. Wait, lemme say that in an appropriately husky voice: Spader. A while back I saw him on Conan's show - I think he was promoting the end of "The Practice" then - and he kept talking about eggs. I :heart: that man's strange, strange brain.
Hee. It was odd because as he was giving his acceptance speech (which was a hoot) he sounded a lot like his character, Alan Shore. That left me thinking maybe he didn't really deserve it since he was playing himself! ;p
I'm glad Spader won, and I can't even hold much bitterness over Hyde-Pierce and Grammer winning even though it's past time for some new blood to win those awards. If Jason Bateman had been nominated I would have been pulling for him, but as it was I really didn't care who won.

I agree that Joely Richardson was Best Dressed. I actually liked very few of the dresses this year.
My mom actually called during the show and one of the comments she made was regarding the lack of steller dresses. I can't say that there were any that I found truly bad, but very few stuck with me after the show. Barbara Walters did look quite nice in basic black and I'm sure Sharon Stone turned a lot of heads in her dress. Other than that, eh.
The Emmys were on already? Was that last night?
Damn and blast. I haven't paid any attention to what's on TV since I got my AtS S4 DVD last week. But I would have like to have seen the Emmys, just for the sake of seeing people from Deadwood and seeing how they fared with the awards.

Anybody know?
'The Sopranos' wone for supporting actor and actress, best drama, and writing.

The only award I can recall 'Deadwood' winning was for best direction and that went to Walter Hill for the pilot.

Hope that helps. :)
The Emmys were on last night? Huh.

I'm glad to hear Arrested Development won some awards. That might buy it a few more episodes worth of grace period from the FOX axe.