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My Rage Against Mr Lucas Will Have to Wait For Another Day

I had intended to post my embittered rant at lunch today, but I opted to be social instead. I got invited to a group lunch outing with some folks from work that I never normally socialize with and thought I'd give this being 'friendly' thing a shot. It went well. I perked up when the talk turned to TV, especially Las Vegas and The O.C.. :)

Then I thought that I may post after work, but decided to see if I could get a good deal on the Star Wars discs. Still looks as if Amazon is my best bet. With the $25 gift certificate I have I can knock the price down to around $16. Yet, I still debate purchasing them.

Getting back to my shopping exposition, I really need to be banned from Target. I go in looking for one thing and come out with a half dozen other things. Of course, I could say it's Lynn and Cindy's fault. See, they are coming to visit me next month and I decided to spiff up the place. Sure, sure, I've been wanting a lightweight comforter to use as a throw for months. And I had my eye on that lamp since July. But, it's soooo much easier to blame them for my spending.

Oh, and for those of you who are interested, Target is selling The Ref for $5.50! Of course, I *had* to get it. That and Home for the Holidays show us what spenidng time with family is really like.

It looks like thedeadlyhook posted an overview of season 5 of Angel. Hopefully, I'm awake enough to appreciate it. (Gail, I hope you're reading this. ;)
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