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Raves and a Rant


Well, thank God that didn’t disappoint. I hate when I get excited about a show and it fails to live up to my expectations. I’m not sure it ‘Wowed’ me, but I was impressed and entertained. The show flew by. I happen to look up at the clock at one point and was shocked to see it was already 8:45.

Except for the annoying blonde who did nothing but paint her nails and complain (Hey sweetie, why not go take a nice long walk in the jungle, K?), I liked all the characters. Granted, some we really haven’t gotten to know yet (What’s up with that Asian couple? Are they just incredibly selfish or are they hiding something?). Thus far I’d have to say Charlie was my favorite character. Sure, he had selfish motives for wanting to go in search of the rest of the plane, but he also seems genuinely interested in helping. And he provided a nice bit of comic relief without it seeming entirely inappropriate.

I really wish they had kept the premiere at two hours since it seemed to end at an odd moment. I’ll be curious to see if the ‘creature’ living in the jungle provides thrills a la Jurassic Park or groans a la The Village.

Oh, and I loved the quick cuts and shaky camera shots they used to convey the terror of the plane going done and the chaos on the island.

Veronica Mars

I decided to watch this after hearing it referred to as Buffy’s successor. After seeing it for myself I went "No, it's not."

That's not to say I thought it was awful. There were parts I found quite good. I liked the lead and her new best friend (it’s nice to see a guy who needs the girl to save his ass and isn’t afraid to let her do it. ;). And the father/daughter relationship provided an interesting dynamic.

But, there were also many clichés. The biker gang (in high school???) whose leader isn’t quite the badass that he wishes to project. *All* the rich kids being stupid, selfish and cruel. Hey, I grew up in an upper middle class school system and some of the kids with money were quite nice. And her sweet dad's replacement just happens to be a complete asshole.

I wasn't too fond of the constant narration either. Hopefully those will get toned down in the future.

I'm not sure how I feel about the date rape storyline. Yeah, it’s nice that the series is trying to tackle serious issues, but it also seemed rather jarring. I don’t like that it seemed to be used to garner sympathy for the heroine (I already sympathized). Nor do I like being left to wonder who did it. Was it her ex-boyfriend? His friend?


I’m a huge Gary Sinise fan so even though the crossover ep they did last season with CSI:Miami sucked and blew I was going to give the show a chance. Was it great? No. But, it wasn’t bad and I saw the possibilities for it getting better. Melina Kanakaredes was good and she seemed to have a nice chemistry with Mr. Sinise (is it just me or does it seem as if Stella may be waiting for Mac to fully recover from his wife’s death"). Overall, I found it to be considerably better than the Miami edition – none of the actors left me cold.

OK, I see I’m not the only person on LJ getting their Star Wars rant on. At the rate things are going, a new community could be springing up any day now (Hey, that was not me volunteering for the job – move along). First off, before I start bitching, let me point out my brilliant new icon courtesy of miggy. Which leads nicely into Rant the First…..Greedo did not shoot first! Yes, I know, Lucas changed the scene *again* so now Han and Greedo fire simultaneously. It’s still wrong. I was five the first time I saw the films. I did not view Han as a “murder’ nor did I think shooting people was “cool”. What I saw, at the age of five, was an act of self-defense – kill or be killed. Greedo was going to kill Han, no question, so he shot him, end of story. Did I mention I was five and understood this? (I won't even waste time on how a Greedo, a bounty hunter, misses at point blank range.)

And now some ‘insights’ from George ‘the hack’ Lucas from the current Entertainment Weekly:

When Star Wars came out, I said it didn’t turn out the way I wanted – it’s 25 percent of what I wanted it to be… the choice came down to, do I please myself and (finally) make the movie that I wanted, or do I allow the audience to see the half finished version that they fell in love with.

Ok, I’m not exceptionally good at math but if it’s 25% of what he wanted it to be, how did it end up *half* finished? :p

And while I’m all for directors being allowed to fulfill their visions, most would have the good sense that if they were fortunate to have such a devoted fan base (and wouldn’t that lead you to believe you must have done an awful lot right?) to not turn around and essentially say ‘thanks, but your opinion doesn't count it only matters what I want to see’.

Greedo shooting first apparently was a “correction”, see, he really did do that back in 1977 but because of technical problems it wasn’t clear. Uh-huh. And I have some marsh land on Tatooine I’d like to sell. Puh-leeze. I’ve seen the original cut well over a hundred times, there was no Greedo firing first.

I mean, I don’t see how you could redeem somebody who kills in cold blood.

See rant above. And George, please go have a talk with Joss, the chat would be most enlightening to you.

I could go into the cast changes, excuse me, “corrections” he’s made which are all sorts of wrong, in my opinion. Lucky for him, I need to get back to work.

ETA: I just saw that Lost won it's time slot (Yay!) and CSI:NY beat Law & Order. Changing of the guard perhaps?
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